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About J.Mani

Irvin "J.Mani" Matty is a gospel artist, singer, songwriter. 


 J.Mani, a Christian musician who grew up in an island called St.Lucia. He grew up listening to several types of music genre but was more moved by conscious hip-hop and conscious music. Later on he started writing and then recording his own, mimicing his former favorite hip-hop artist named T.I. Later on in life he begun receiving knowledge about his self and his purpose here. There are times he tried staying away from making music but he just could not ignore such passion. He started out secular and now moved into the gospel genre a few months after receiving such knowledge.


Many say success changes people, but it takes changes to be successful. When he applied those changes in his music, he begun trending with a song named "Stoppin' no more" on reverbnation. From there a couple of record labels such as Brick Squad, Christian City Records and more started contacting him. He got promoted by magazine which he can't recalled contacting in order to get such promotion. He took the song down because the beat was least and the time he went back to purchase it exclusively, it was all gone. From there he learned a lesson, not to least beats, just have confidence in making great music and get the beats exclusively. He's still here, and still moving on making great gospel music. 

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